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You have spent decades working at 3M and retirement is on the horizon. For most 3M’rs, the retirement process is unfamiliar territory, and consequently, one fraught with anxiety and doubt. For this reason, it is critical that you receive the specialized guidance you and your live savings deserve.

3M employees and retirees represent over 80% of our client base. This has allowed our team to achieve a unique level of knowledge with regard to 3M’s retirement process and benefits.

Our team will help you navigate every step of the 3M retirement process and make your transition to retirement as smooth and productive as possible. With proper preparation, you can bid farewell to 3M and enjoy life like never before!

See below for our “Pre-Retirement” and “Transition” checklists:

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The path to your retirement starts with an initial consultation with a retirement financial advisor. This no-cost, no-obligation meeting is introductory in nature, and an opportunity for you to ask questions in a private setting, discuss your plans and get to know the advisor and our company.

Initial consultations last 30-60 minutes and are held at a location which is most convenient for you; including your 3M office building or either of our metro area locations.

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